Turkey Day Card Sale!

I love my lab’s card options. Last year I had an option for my clients to pay for a card design and I would send them the file and they could print them wherever they wanted. However, when those cards starting showing up in my mail box the nit-picker in me found a flaw with that plan. I noticed that all of the prints were much darker than my designs. I tested them all out with both of my labs and without any color correction they came back fine. So I then experimented and sent them to one of the box stores to see what I would get. I got a dark print. I asked the worker at the counter and they said that it must have been a really dark print because their machines try to make images look their best. Thing is, the machine didn’t need to do anything.

So, knowing that the economy is looking down this year and knowing that I don’t want you all sending out dark, muddy prints I am doing a limited time sale to help us both out. Get beautiful custom made Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, Festivus, New Year’s cards, birth announcements or anything else that you need a card for, at more than half off my regular prices! This is going to run from today (November 13) through November 30. Anyone who had a session with me is eligible. Also, anyone who books a session before December 01 can lock in these sale prices.


There are quite a few card options as far as sizes and folds go. For the design itself, you will be the only one of my clients with that specific one. Once your order is placed, I will work up the design, link you to a first round proof, and from there you can make one round of revisions (if you want). From that point it takes 4-5 business days to have the cards ready to roll into your hands.

So, sit down and make your card list. Once you know how many you will need drop me a line. I will get an invoice drawn up and once you place a 50% deposit you are locked in for the Turkey Day Card Sale pricing. Or, if you haven’t had your session yet, drop me a line and we’ll get the ball rolling!

Click on the image above to download a pdf that has all of the sizing and pricing options!