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Our Love Story- Omaha, Nebraska Photographer

I used to write pretty regularly, and once upon a time actually planned on going to school for journalism. Anymore, I’ll “write” some of my best stuff in my head while I drive and then I never get it down. I do however have random files saved on my computer when moments of inspiration strike. Some of them are partial blog posts for here and some of them are more personal notes along the lines of a journal. One random day last April I wrote a file after watching a movie. I honestly couldn’t even tell you what movie it was. I can guarantee you though that it was a total chick flick that I watched, while snuggled up with the cats because Mitch was at the ballpark working and I didn’t think I should torture him with yet another sappy movie. I randomly ran across that file today and found it very fitting for a Valentine’s day post. As sappy as it may sound, I have plans to someday put Mitch and my love story all down on paper and this was just a small part of it:

The Moment That Life as I Knew It Changed

The Summer of 2004 I had big plans for. It was my first time out truly on my own. At the end of it I was moving nearly 400 miles from anyone I knew and I was excited to blaze my own path. I was going to meet new people, I was going to steer clear of relationships to figure out who I was and to start my life. Then along you came and changed everything.

It wasn’t love at first sight. In fact I think I tried to talk myself out of those feelings for months, even though I felt them soon after our first date. You were after all supposed to be just a summer fling, just something fun to tide me over until my life began.

We had been out on a month’s worth of dates, and by this point were spending every moment together. And when we weren’t together we were sending hundreds and even thousands of text messages back and forth. That night you had coached a game up in Oshkosh, Nebraska and I of course had ridden along. It was late at this point and we had just gotten back on the road. The sky was so incredibly clear that you could see every star possible. We were coming around the curves on our way back to Sedgwick when it happened. We had some music on, but I couldn’t tell you what was playing. We weren’t talking, which was pretty odd for us, but we were holding hands. Your Camaro came around the curve and I remember looking up seeing how beautiful the sky was, looking back at you in the darkness, only lit up by the dash lights and knowing that from here on out everything was different.

I can’t say that at that moment I knew that I was going to marry you or even that you were going to be around for longer than that summer. I did know that I didn’t have to keep waiting for life to begin.

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This photo was taken that first month we were dating, at a Rockies game (on what had to be one of the first camera phones, lol). I may not have known at the time, but I know now that this life wouldn’t be complete without him. Happy Valentine’s Day Mitch.


Saturdays and Goals – Omaha, Nebraska Portrait Photographer

Saturday, it’s a day that most countdown to and plan for feverishly. In the summer it’s a day that’s perfect for hanging with friends, making plans for the lake or the beginning of a great weekend away. It’s for the most part the universal day of fun, family and friends. For the past four years it’s been a day of love, tradition, smiles, tears and laughter for me. However, no matter how much I love my job, it’s still a job, which means that Saturday has been a day of work for me as well.

I’m a lover of notebooks. I almost always have one in my purse to scribble down my next great idea. As I wrote down my goals for 2012 in one of these cherished notebooks though, I couldn’t help but notice that so many of these goals have been there for several years. These aren’t just business goals, but personal ones also. I also noticed a quote that seemed to appear about every five pages. The quote was, “Work to live, don’t live to work.” I think a lot of my business goals have been reached because of the latter part of that quote, live to work. I also think that a lot of my personal goals have been missed because I haven’t stuck to the first part.

So, in 2012 I’m making an effort to stick to working to live just a little bit more. The biggest change is going to be scaling back the amount of weddings I take so that I can get a few of those Saturdays back. As of right now I have space to take one more 2012 wedding. I will still photograph engagements until I’m blue in the face, bridal sessions and even day after sessions to get some beautiful portraits of you and your husband if I’m not able to be there on the wedding day. It’s nothing that I could ever, nor would I ever completely give up. Let’s not forget, I am a romantic sap after all. I just can’t afford to give up all of those Saturdays if I want to see my life.

I’ve put off this post for quite awhile because I was afraid that someone would say that I don’t love shooting weddings or am not passionate about them. That’s not it at all! I absolutely adore being there when my grooms first see their brides, seeing what a mom’s eyes say after she sees her daughter in her wedding dress, being the only one that sees so many of those moments during the bride and groom’s portraits and just feeling the excitement of the day.

Does this mean that you’ll never see me working another Saturday again? Heck no! It does mean that I’m going to be changing things around and bumping my portrait business back up. It also means that my schedule is going to fill up much faster than it ever has.

So, now that I’ve told you what’s going away, let me tell you what is coming! I’m planning on focusing my portrait business in two areas. The first one shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, it’s a path that I’ve been very vocal about going down, seniors. I’ve always felt most comfortable with my seniors and just always have a blast on those sessions. It isn’t about stress, each detail being perfect or making a church lady happy, it’s about documenting a time in a person’s life and documenting them as they are.

The second one is a little broader…women! Girls, tweens, teens, twenty somethings, thirties, forties, fifties, sixties and so on. It seems like when a little girl is born most are really good about getting them photographed as a newborn, pretty good about the next year and from there you might see a two year old portrait or even three but it really drops off after that. From the ages five until 100 there’s a senior portrait and a bridal portrait. There might be family photos in there here and there, but nothing else that is just about that woman! I have always loved seeing girls’ eyes light up when they see their senior photos. It’s like they’ve never seen themselves that way before, even though it’s who they are. I want to bring that into more lives and more often, not just at seventeen. Don’t worry, you’ll be hearing a lot more about this.

For now, two of the people that I hope to spend those new Saturdays with.

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