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Mitch Made the Front Page

Apparently all it takes to make the front page is a 12×5 sinkhole that is about 4 feet deep in your field.

This image is from the NWI Times.

Here is Mitch’s second claim to fame in NWI.

There are a couple of articles you can read, this one is talking about everything in the area and this one is talking about all of the flooding at the field.

Our games today have now been officially canceled. It does finally look promising that we’ll be able to start them tomorrow!

Stay dry!


About That Raft…

I was mostly joking yesterday when I said I should head to Cabela’s. However with roads closing around us and the rivers still rising, it is getting a little worrisome.

According to weather.com the chance of precipitation through 1:00 is 100% and at 2:00 it drops to 80%. As of now they have it dropping down to 30% and staying there from 3:00 on.

No pictures today, mainly because they all look the same as yesterday. That, and it is raining like crazy right now, so there is no chance that I’m taking my camera outside! :)

Hopefully we’ll know the fate of our games in the next hour or so.