Straight From the Postcard- Saint Thomas Destination Wedding Photographer

I have so much to share about the awesome last week with Farrah and Todd’s wedding and families, but am working on getting unpacked and settled back in today. For now I just have one image to share with you. Right when I shot it, I thought it looked like a timeless postcard shot. For all of the photographers out there, just a note that this is a straight out of camera image. For all you non photographers, that just means that this photo is as is and hasn’t been touched in any software programs yet.

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I’m also beginning the journey of returning a load of email. So if you’re expecting a reply from me keep an eye on your inbox.


Elsie Goldberg says:

This is only one of the amazing photos you took at my daughters wedding. It was so much fun having you at the villa with us. The few photos we did see were the most amazing wedding photos I have seen. We all loved the sneaky way you were able to capture some great moments and we didn’t even know you were snapping away. I wish hubby could have joined you. Thanks for making us all look so beautiful and for creating memories to enjoy for a lifetime.

Sarah says:

This is such a great picture Anna, I hope you had a great time capturing this wedding. The bride/groom were lucky to have such a talented photographer!

Hey, right out of the can is so refreshing! I noticed you too did a family shoot over the holidays :) Wonderful photography Anna, wishing you the best in this New Year!

Brent Foster says:

Really nice image. All the best for 2011!

JohnPrado says:

Beautiful shot Anna! I’m sure they love it and will cherish it for a lifetime. Love how natural it looks, thanks for sharing it!

Sunny Mathur says:

Absolutely stunning image, I love the sunset colors with the Bride and Groom catching you eye with the wind blown dress. Love it, can’t wait to see the entire post!

Jennie D. says:

It’s amazing! I wouldn’t touch it; I’m not sure there’s anything you could do to make it any better! Really!