So… That Earlier Post

Our big secret, well I really didn’t keep very well, so it might not be a secret anymore. But, Mitch and I are officially moving… AGAIN! I’ve brought up the idea of just opening our own moving company, but he wasn’t too receptive, go figure.

We’ll be making our new home in Fort Wayne, Indiana. That puts us about 2 to 2.5 hours east of where we are now. The great news is, I get to go back to only my photography, which for anyone who has spoke to me in the last couple of months knows that is the best news I could possibly get. Even better, Mitch is getting to live out what is a dream of just about any little boy. He is basically getting to design and tweak a brand spanking new baseball field to his specifications. The stadium and area around it is going to be pretty fabulous.

We’ve been down there a few times. This last trip we lucked out and had pretty much all of the head guys as far as the field build goes, there. They had just started setting up all of the drainage for the field and tomorrow when we head down they will be preparing the irrigation system. For now Mitch is going to be finishing up and winterizing the SteelYard, so that it is left in good shape for whoever takes that over. We aren’t 100% on an exact move date, but I really can’t wait to get moved.

If you want to check out the construction project and all of the details with the Harrison Square project (which are pretty cool) check out this site .

The surprise part of my earlier post we found yesterday morning. After a pretty hard morning of saying goodbye to our GM, Bill, who was pretty awesome and that we all knew we were going to miss, one of the guys came running out of the break room and said there was a cat in there. Of course I went running, and then he said kitten, and I went sprinting. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a cat lover and have been bugging Mitch every chance I get to get one. Anyway, once I got into the room, I saw that he was curled up under our big server cabinet. As soon as we got close he darted out and about to every spot he could within 10 seconds. He finally settled behind our big Pepsi fridge that I eventually pulled him out of (after the first attempt that left me cat bitten). R.C. (as we named him) snuggled in my lap in a towel for about an hour. As soon as I stopped petting though, he wanted to dart.

Well, to make a long story short, R.C. is finally settling down. He started purring this morning, which was a great sign. He caught right on with the whole litterbox idea and when we went to the vet tonight he calmly sat there while they clipped his nails (even one that was too close), cleaned his ears, and got two vaccines. He still hides in every little spot, but I think it is just going to take him some time to warm up.

Just scoping out his new field.

Right behind that wall is going to be Mitch’s shop, aka second home.

Hard to believe now, but this is the field.

Talking about all of the little details that I nod and smile to.

And this, is R.C., who looks scared witless here but this is actually calm for him.

I don’t think it is as obvious in these pictures as it is in real life, but R.C. looks so much like my cat Friskie. Friskie obviously still lives in Colorado with my parents. She is now in her 20′s (either 21 or 22), but when we found her she was a wild kitten just about R.C.’s size in our garage. Since then she has become a member of our family and became my Dad’s buddy (someone who strongly disliked cats).

A couple big changes, but changes we are both very excited about!


Sarah Beck says:

How exciting about the move AND the kitten! What a cutie!

chadgramling says:

I second the welcome to Fort Wayne. Look forward to seeing Mitch’s work first hand. :)

Mom says:

You and Mitch know how Happy your Dad and I are for both of you . Don’t take any of this for granted and enjoy ” The Ride “. We know you will . Your a Great Team !
Little RC is sure cute and does look just like Friskie .

Take care ,Love