Simply Beautiful

What are my Simply Beautiful sessions about? First and foremost they’re about taking a woman, who probably doesn’t spend half as much time on herself as she does her family and/or job, and giving her a moment that’s totally about her. You’re going to spend about an hour sitting in a chair. I won’t say you can’t be on your phone or working on your laptop, but I highly encourage you to sit and relax. During that hour, a professional is going to glam you up. You know how the Kardashians get to kick off most days (yes, I just admitted I’m a regular watcher), with a pro curling their hair to perfection and painting on makeup that brings out every fantastic feature down to the last eyelash. I want your only worry for that hour to be if you’ll choose champagne, water, coffee or a latte.

The second half of Simply Beautiful is where my work begins. For about an hour I’ll photograph you in all of your glamour. I know that jumping in front of a camera isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. However, I assure you that I want you to look better than you ever imagined. I’m going to use every skill I’ve acquired over my years of photography experience to ensure that. It’s really not scary, especially considering you’ll already be feeling like a total knockout. I have yet to show someone their images and hear them say, “Wow, I really didn’t bring my A game did I?” The reactions have to be one of, if not my favorite part.

While these sessions are about pampering and giving women a few hours to themselves, they’re also about more than that. Prepare yourself, this is where I get deep. How many professional images do you have of your mother or your grandmother? From the age of 17 until 105, most women are photographed professionally twice (senior photos and bridal portraits on their wedding day). I’m talking an image just of them, that’s really meant for them. Sure, they’ll be in family photos and snapshots, but it just isn’t the same. I bet if you took your mom/sister/girlfriend out to lunch today and said “Hey, we’re going to go get professional images done of you,” that she would quickly bring up a list a mile long why she can’t be photographed today, tomorrow, next week, next month or a year from Tuesday. Why? Her hair isn’t done, her face is broken out, she’s carrying ten extra pounds or some other superficial excuse.

Let me admit that I’m guilty of using every single one of those excuses. I actually had “get new headshots done” on my to do list for a year and a half. Thankfully a photographer friend asked me to do hers, and before I could think of a million excuses I asked her if we could photograph each other. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did that. The image that is on my about me page is from that session. I feel absolutely beautiful every time I look at it. On days when the extra fifteen pounds I’m carrying really gets to me, I can look at that image and know that’s still me. That even though I may not have professional hair and makeup on today, that’s still me, and dang it I’m beautiful.

Those excuses we use are not only breaking ourselves down, and not giving credit where credit is due. We are also saying it and allowing younger women and girls to hear that and enabling them to use those same excuses. This is my way of trying to break that cycle. Each time I sent out a preview shot from the Simply Beautiful promo sessions I got a reply saying that not only did they have fun, but that they can’t believe how beautiful they looked and how much they love their photo. Never once did I hear, “I don’t really like that one, my arms look fat.” Even better are the Facebook comments, husbands, cousins, friends all commenting on how beautiful that woman is. It’s my hope that these kinds of photographs can help offset how hard we are on ourselves, and can act as a daily reminder to each woman that they’re BEAUTIFUL!

I’m also taking it a step further. With every Simply Beautiful session I’m encouraging the woman who books it to bring their mom, sister, best friend, cousin, daughter whoever they want. Heck, if you have a whole group of girlfriends who want to come, just let me know! Then, not only is it my mission, but it’s also yours. Contact me right now before you can make excuses!