Gone, Gone, Gone- Omaha, Nebraska Wedding Photographer

I can’t say that these past couple of days with snow were as painful for me as they probably should have been. Truth is I’ve had a countdown going for quite some time to March 27th when I got to head down to some sand, sun and island time. I’ll be gone to the Dominican Republic until Saturday, April 2nd and am pretty much cut off from the rest of the world while I’m there. I will get back to emails and life as soon as I return though, that even includes this little blog that I have big things planned for. In the meantime, I hope the snow/rain/sleet stops for everyone here in Omaha. Should there be any extreme emergencies, my husband is sticking around to hold down the fort and take care of his grass (at the ballpark).

Now, I just finally dumped some personal files off of a card. They’re from harvest last year I just couldn’t resist sharing one and let’s be honest every post is better with a photo. Talk to you all soon!

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