Attention Scrapbookers

I know you all probably thought that I fell the side of the Earth, but really I’ve just been busy with photos, orders, and of course the never ending process of moving. I also finally got my husband to set a date in stone for our trip back so that I could go ahead with the mini sessions. So, today will be a triple blog post day! Check back at 7:30 p.m. EST for info on the card sale and then at 8:30 p.m. EST for info on the Christmas Mini Sessions.

Now, since I’ve been around photography I’ve enjoyed scrapbooking (although not as much as I should). I’ve also noticed that there aren’t really many options for someone wanting to scrapbook more than a couple of professional images. The beautiful coffee table books I carry are a great solution for the digital scrappers, but for those of you that love the three dimensional traditional scrapbooking, the options are kind of slim. I’ve tried to come up with a solution for all of the scrappers out there that enables me to get you affordable images to scrapbook, but let’s me still do some quality control as far as the prints go.

So, why don’t I just give you the printing rights and then you can print and scrapbook away? Well, I really hate seeing my images printed by Wal-Mart, Walgreens and the majority of the online and consumer options. I know that sounds a little snooty, but hear me out. I spend a lot of time color correcting your images and when Wal-Mart’s printers decide to “optimize” those images they never look like they went in. I can’t tell you how many dark images and wacky colors I’ve seen come out of those consumer places, when the file that went in looked nothing like that. If my name is tied to it, I want to make sure that you get great quality products.



So, a little bit of a compromise has to go on as you see. The solution that I’ve come up with I hope encourages my family, children, and senior customers to get your desk and wall portraits and then rewards you by opening an option that I’m calling a ‘Scrapper’s Order’. When you place a $350 print order you are eligible to order 50 different 4×6′s for $50. Once your order of $350 or more is placed I will email you a link to purchase the Scrapper’s Order. From there you simply email me the 50 different image numbers that you want.

These are proof quality prints. That simply means that no further retouching will go into them and that they are printed on a different paper than the desk and wall portraits. These prints are intended for scrapbooking, not framing. The color will be as intended and they are still high archival quality. If you want any retouching done, you’ll have to go the traditional route and order the lustre or metallic prints at regular price (all retouching is included in my traditional print prices). However, if your order reaches $750 I will do light retouching on all 50. Taking it one step further, if your order hits $1,000 I will include a lightly retouched Scrapper’s Order for $20.

I know that this won’t solve everyone’s problems, but I hope it is at least a compromise that will help out those of you that want to show off your families and children through your artistic outlet.

For anyone who has placed an order over the years, if you’re interested in placing a Scrapper’s Order just shoot me an email at and I’ll post up your gallery along with the link.

See you in a little bit!


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