About ALM

Anna Lynch McClary Photography, Glamour Photographer Omaha, Nebraska

who am I?

i am a wife, sister, and daughter foremost.

i graduated from the university of northern colorado in 2007 and studied photography.

a simple email to a photographer that i looked up to, opened a huge door for me and quite possibly changed my life, but definitely changed my college major. thank you dave fowler!

now let’s move onto the things that really matter…

i am addicted to blankets and pillows, there is no such thing as being too snuggly!

my clothing addiction can be blamed on my mom, who owned the rocking horse, a kid’s clothing store, while i was growing up.

i hate to get up early, but LOVE the early morning light.

i have an unhealthy love for baseball, especially the rockies.

i would totally be the crazy cat lady if my husband would let me.

i love food.

i miss colorado, but am finding nebraska to be pretty alright.

i’m mostly left handed.

i sometimes lack patience.

my ideal weather forecast would consist of rainy days immediately followed by sunny days.

i am a crazy competitive person, sometimes to a fault.

i am an incredibly loyal friend.

i am a small town girl at heart.

i am an incredibly happy person and will almost always have a smile on my face!